Treating one of my bests to one of the best BBQ. πŸ˜‹ #happy21 (at Anjin)


#vegas #zedd (at Encore Day Beach Club)

#vegas  #zedd  

It was just like yesterday when she helped me move out to Irvine. 😊 #beenayear #thankyouforeverything (at Mokkoji)

All smiles in #DadaLand 🍌 😁 #dadalife

Smile. #dadalife


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I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water

graffiti on my school bathroom wall (via lazyplanets)

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Anonymous asked: What is your twitter screename?


Sometimes I am very active on it, lately not quite.

Anonymous asked: How old are you?

I am 21.

What’s up with all these questions? LOLL

Anonymous asked: How much do you eat in a typical day?

It varies since my schedule consistently fluctuates. With my busy schedule, sometimes I would forget to eat. Other days, I would literally be eating every hour. The times I eat at are very bizarre as well.

I pretty much just eat whatever I want and whenever I can, if times permits it. More free time= more eating time.

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

Not like I get this question everyday… haha

I am 5’8, possibly 5’9.

Anonymous asked: How do you manage to stay thin?

I’m not thin. Q.Q

Anonymous asked: I wish I were able to say these words to you in person, but I know that I would never be able to You are a beautiful soul You are an amazing person and don't let the world spoil you I hope that things are going well for you Thank you for always putting a smile on my face through your kindness and thank you for always turning my days around Thank you Gretchen, words cannot express my gratitude

These are such very sweet words, even though I have no clue who you are or what kind of impact I have put on you.

Thanks for making me smile with this message. (=